Roger Guetta - New York Impressions

Black and White Project - NYC - October 2011

I am primarily;

an iPhonegrapher who enjoys the post production part of the photographic experience. I use a wide array of apps to blend, double expose, blur and more often then not layer, stretch, tilt and uber manipulate to achieve painterly qualities in my works.  

If you stay for the whole ride and enjoy it, my 'all iPhone' website address is at the bottom. If you'd like to visit my ongoing  experiments with a mobile devise please click it and be transported.

Project Info:

enter every picture taken in NYC in sequential order from arrival to departure.

frame and compose each picture in real time.

render to black and white with minimal app use.

create a webpage to tell the story in a vertical  down slide.

Send links on social networks to share the experience.



Thank you for visiting New York City with me. These pictures were taken in between, to and fro, meandering and getting to places before and after the conference I was speaking at. They are in sequential order from the time I arrived to the day I left. This project was conceptualized and committed to in Montreal before leaving. It was actualized in the great city of New York and finalized through what the internet is able to offer the adventurers and passionists who interact, nudge and support each other's serious endeavours every day.

If you would like to view my other styles: ( click on 'render back' on the site to see other works)

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